On this post i’m going to be talking about a recent session with hush mosey. We had the whole session designated for re amping bass, which gave us the opportunity to get experimental. 

The attack of the bass was getting lost amongst the wall of distorted guitars on one of the tracks. So we played that bass track through each amp to see if any of them helped it cut through the mix. We ended up driving the bass through a big muff pedal through a small orange guitar amp. This gave a really dirty, unique bass tone that shot straight through the wall of guitars. 

The tone was pretty much there straight from the amp, so for mixing I used an EQ to clean up some nasty resonant frequencies from all the distortion. As this was coming from a small guitar amp, there wasn’t much low end so I used the original DI track for the low and blended in this new track.  

We had some time left at the end so ended up sending a vocal track through the same amp and distortion. It sound real dirty and lo fi, and on its own would never have worked, but we blended it back into the original vocal, which resulted in lots of unique character for the vocal track that we weren’t able to achieve via plug ins.


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