Kick and Bass    

Getting the low end right is a huge part to modern sounding mix. Without a solid low end with your bass guitar and kick working well together your mix can easily fall apart. The kick and bass are the foundations to many great mixes! In this blog post i’m going to show a few techniques to get them to sit nicely together. Firstly you have to decide what will sit in the lowest frequencies of the mix. This will vary between genre, but most of my mixes have the kick sitting below the bass guitar. As a rough guide, the low end of the kick drum tends to like around 50 – 70Hz and the bass guitar around 100 – 120 Hz.

One method is to use EQ. By side chain function on Pro – Q2 you can see the frequency analyzer of both the kick drum and bass guitar. This can then be used to carve out space, however as much as the visual aids can be helpful, it’s important to remember to use your ears! 

The next method is by using sidechain compression. This can be done with either a broadband or multiband compressor. A multiband compressor can be used to specifically target the frequencies that are overlapping. Allowing you to compress more aggressively. A good way to think of it is being a dynamic eq. In the image below I have side chained the kick drum to the bass guitar. This means that every time the kick drum hits, all the frequencies below 60Hz of the bass compress. The compressor is hit pretty hard at about – 12dB, if you did this with a broadband compressor it would be way to noticeable and you would hear the whole bass sound sucking in and out every time the kick hits, which can be a cool effect but is not what we are going for here. 


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