Mix Bus Processing

After watching Nolly’s nail the mix i’ve really got into mix bus processing at the start. It makes sense to mix everything into a compressor rather that just adding it at the end, which can drastically change your mix. It is also a good way to get a good starting sound quickly. Here’s what I used on my last mix:
A good way to start off with compression is the slate digital virtual bus compressor rack. This is a great way to quickly audition 3 different compressors and see what works best with your mix. For this mix I chose the FG grey, which is a SSL bus compressor emulation. The compressor was set to the fastest release and slowest attack to make sure it didn’t kill the drum transients. By setting the high pass filter to 70Hz it stops the kick sub from triggering the compressor. How hard I hit it usually depends on the type of track, but for this track I hit it at about compress at about – 2 – 3 dB then pulled the mix to around 70%. This is quite aggressive for mix bus compression but it felt right and really brought the whole mix forward whilst also glueing everything together. 

The Sie – Qhas a real nice silky smooth high end that adds nice air and bite without adding harshness. 

Finally I added the FG-N EQ from Slate Digital’s virtual mix rack. This is a really aggressive eq but sounds great when used subtly, so its important to be careful not to overdo it. To add more punch the eq boosted at the low end and sweept around until the low end started to punch and gel together, this was found this at about 120 Hz. I then did the same with the upper mids and ended up boosting around 2.5kHz which added some attack to the mix. 

This was a good starting point but its important to keep checking back throughout the mix and make small changes if needed. Its also worth keeping an eye on the compression, making sure you don’t end up hitting it too hard.

Check out Nolly’s nail the mix here: https://nailthemix.com


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