Bottom Snare

Here’s another drum mic post. I’ve always just used a 57 as it’s a go to for so many people but have found myself hardly using it in the mix recently so decided to do a bit of experimentation. Eric Valentine talks about using a large diaphragm condenser microphone underneath the snare but facing at the batter head of the kick drum. This position gets a more of an open sound of the snares and also some attack from the kick drum. It also adds a bit more sustain to the snares, this is real useful as this is one of the first things I do when mixing the bottom snare mic. In a gearslutz post (link at the end) Eric Valentine mentions that this is a go to microphone placement of his and that he has tried this with lots of different microphones, each working in their own way. I’m going to experiment some more with this, trying different microphones and placing the microphone closer to the kick drum to get some more attack from the beater.


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