Snare Double Mic

Snare Double Mic

I’ve never experimented too much with different snare drum microphones as the sm57 just tends to work. But when after reading about this, I had to give it a go. The idea is to tape a small diaphragm condenser (akg 451) to a 57 to record to the batter head of the snare drum. The 57 captures lots of midrange punch, whilst the 451 captures a lot more high and low end. The 451 is perfect for this as it has a bump around 3-4kHz which adds lots of attack and crack to the snare and also a – 20dB pad, which makes it possible to close mic such a loud instrument without damaging the microphone. On its own the 451 can sound a little lifeless but when blended with the 57 it works really well. It captures the punch from the 57 with nice extended high end crack from the 451. As its a condenser microphone the bleed from the high hat as a bit more of an issue, but as this microphone is only been used to blend in with the 57 you can get away with gating it more aggressively to minimise the bleed. You can also now buy clips that are designed for this that connect the two microphones together, although i’ve heard that it’s easier to get them in phace by taping them but i’m yet to try it. I’ve attached audio examples of each microphone individually and then both together.



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