Recording live with everything in the room has its benefits and downsides, it is a different sound to what a lot of people have got used to these days. There is no room for editing the drums 100% to the grid or to retake a guitar part until it’s perfect. It results in a much more natural feel. The essential thing when recording this way is to have a good band. The sound will fall apart if the band is sloppy and there isn’t much room for re doing individual parts as the original take will have bled onto other microphones, as well as there being a lot less room for editing. Thankfully Discount Columbo are a great band and were well rehearsed and very tight so this was no problem. Another benefit to recording this way is that it’s much faster. In one 6 hour session (including setup and pack down) they managed to record the live tracks for all 7 songs.



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