Room Mics

Room Mics

Room mics play a big part in getting huge sounding drums. Here’s some room mids used in a recent session. The first set were a stereo pair of neumann km184’s. These are omnidirectional condenser microphones, which makes them great at picking up the ambience of the room. However as they pick up sound from every direction and are very sensitive microphones, there was no stopping them from picking up lots of guitar as well as drums. Initially I thought this would be a problem as distorted guitars can tend to get muddy in room mics, but when blended in slightly it gave worked well to gel everything together. Next up I used a stereo pair of coles 4038’s In a blumlein position. The coles are ribbon microphones, which have a nice big lower mid range and a roll off on the high end. This makes them perfect for capturing the body of drums without too much cymbals. These were positioned about 5 – 6 feet in front of the kick drum, however looking back I would have probably put them behind the drummer to minimise bleed from the guitars. Finally a mono room mic, was positioned under the coles facing the floor. This mic is going to be used as a ‘dirty’ room mic, it was drove this pretty hot through the API pre-amp to add some saturation and will compress heavily. When blended in this will help add some aggression to the drums.




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