Tracking live

I had the guys from Discount Columbo down to record yesterday. They wanted to record a 7 track EP live with as minimal overdubs as possible. The plan was to overdub the vocals and occasional guitar lead. Due to the studio being a reflective room and not having any iso booths the main problem was trying to minimise bleed between different instruments as much as possible. This was made especially hard with 3 loud guitar amps in the room. Luckily there is a wall half way across the room which helped for separation. We put the drums one side and the guitar amps the other and separated each amp with baffles. We experimented with the position of the baffles until we had as little bleed as possible. This ended up working well, the bleed wasn’t too much of an issue for the sound we were going for and even ended up working in our favour creating a natural blend between everything.


The next challenge was choosing what mics to use, due to only having 16 channels we didn’t have the luxury to multi mic everything. The drummer brought his gretsch kit, that had a big 24” kick drum that sounded great in this room. We wanted to optimise this and use room mics to get a big roomy drum sound, so we ended up going for a trusty 57 on each guitar amp. Most of the guitar tones were distorted so this ended up working perfectly.


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